Hot stone massage


Hot stone massage while using water-heated stones to heat and massage your body has become increasingly popular during the last few years. This use of warmed water to deal with the body, called thermal hydrotherapy, deeply relaxes your muscles and relieves stress.

Most massage therapists use basalt stones, as they are non-porous and smooth and retain heat longer kinds of stones. These beautiful stones are available in various sizes. The massage therapist positions larger placement stones in one just right the entire body for an extended time, while using the smaller tooling stones to execute specific massage strokes.

The strokes are often slow and gentle, in a way that many people find grounding, comforting, and calming. Some massage therapists use hot stones for energy work by placing them along the body's meridians (energy lines) or about the chakras (energy points). Placing the stones at these tips can stimulate movement in the energy called qi or chi and help release the effects of stress and facilitate healing.

Other potential great things about hot stone massage are the release of toxins, pain relief, and improved circulation. The combined healing properties of massage and also heat bring many clients who've a hot stone massage once back for more.

While using Stones

To heat the stones, the massage therapist works on the professionally designed heater having a thermometer for checking the water temperature. Water temperatures are usually between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Because all of us have different sensitivity to heat, it is important for your therapist to be sure the temperature of the stones is appropriate for you. Notify your therapist know when the stones feel too hot.

When using placement stones, the therapist will put a barrier, like a flannel sheet or terry cloth towel, between them along with your skin to prevent the chance of a burn.

To maintain and clean the stones, therapists use different techniques. Some wash the stones and affect the water after every client. Others work with a spa oxidizer that fights bacteria inside the warm water, keeping the stones sanitized throughout the day. Then at the end of the day, the therapist empties the heating unit and washes and sanitizes every one of the equipment.

Cold Stone Massage and Contrast Therapy

Along with hot stones, some massage therapists use cold stones. These marble stones are hand cut to use in cold stone therapy, which is especially a good choice for injury and inflammation. Cold stones can also invigorate your body or have a cooling impact on hot days or hot flashes.

Another option is alternating cold and warm stones, a method called contrast therapy. Contrast therapy takes benefit of the main advantages of both heat and cold. The contrasting temperatures expand and constrict the bloodstream, stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Cautions and Contraindications

To make sure that hot stone massage is safe in your case, always tell your massage therapist about all of your health conditions and whatever else affecting your body. Should you be pregnant, have blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or are under a healthcare provider's take care of a serious medical condition, consult your provider before getting a hot stone massage.

Heat can worsen some skin disorders, including eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. Avoid heat if you're taking medication that causes skin hypersensitivity (including antibiotics or Accutane for acne). Watch out for any area that is numb. Avoid heat on varicose veins, open wounds, infected skin complaints, or inflammation.

Generally, avoid cold stones if you have high blood pressure levels, heart problems, circulatory problems, reduced sensation, or nerve damage. Also, avoid cold stones on your abdomen for those who have abdominal distress (discomfort, pain, bloating, gas, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea). However, warm stones moved inside a circular, clockwise direction can help relieve these symptoms.

Enjoy Your Massage!

Now you be aware of benefits of hot stone massage and understand whether it is safe to receive one, call your local massage therapist and relish the relaxing and healing results of the penetrating heat of a hot stone massage.